PointBlank Singapore & Malaysia Closure Notice

    Attention Troopers!

    It’s already been over 3 years since Point Blank has been introduced to Singapore & Malaysia region and I’m sure all the soldiers out there had various memories to cherish over that period.

    As with all good things, there must be a time to say goodbye and today, with a heavy heart, we announce the closure dates of Point Blank Singapore & Malaysia server. It was a long and memorable journey filled with joy and passion from all of you and we wouldn’t have made it this far without you soldiers! Thank you!

    Below are the closure dates:

    • Top Up & Cash Shop closure: 31st May, Wednesday 12PM
    • Full Closure: 28th June, Wednesday 12PM


    But worry not! There’s one last event befitting to the grand finale! For more details check out the link below:



    For refund policies, please follow the link below:



    Over and Out,


    PointBlank Team