In a time of rapid change and economic prosperity... When intelligence and awareness cannot follow the economic growth, problem will arise.

    In a matter of years a State which was once even considered a weak nation among developing countries has grown into a major world power. Sudden growth and affluence made the people abandon virtue and family values and this lead to the decrease in birthrate.

    The government was late to react to the problem. The severe decrease in population was irreversible. As the number of people able to work was dwindling, the government had no choice but to bring in more and more people from abroad. These new citizens, while growing in numbers started new families and began forming communities within the nation.

    On the surface the society looked stable for a long time. The immigrants, who had come to the country, considered themselves full-fledged citizens of the State. However the native citizens did not think of them as equals. They saw them as simple foreign workers, fit for nothing but simple jobs. Tension between the immigrants and the native citizens grew stronger every day. As time passed, the situation got out of control and cases of discrimination against foreigners and those of mixed blood became even more common and extreme...

    Many high-profile politicians even further encouraged discrimination. Even among immigrants there was discrimination. Third generation immigrants who were pretty much viewed as equal to the native citizen discriminated against the newer immigrants and fought against equality. Demonstrations and riots erupted everywhere as a protest against inequality towards the immigrants.

    The demonstrators outnumbered the number of officers and authorities started using weapons against the demonstrators. These escalated into physical conflict between the authorities and the immigrants. Some of the immigrants who wanted to fight for their right to be treated as regular citizens took to the streets and formed an armed organization, the Free Rebels.

    To counter the threat from the Free Rebels, the state has sent the CT-FORCE. A full scale civil war is about to erupt.